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Pulp Kitchen is a Vermont based company, and we pride ourselves in using local organic farms to produce the best tasting, best for you juice in Vermont. We care about our community, the environment and treating people right. We are honored that you have come to our site and hope you enjoy the juices that we have carefully prepared for you. Here is a list of our six profiles:

  • Revitalize Greens – kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, apple, ginger, lemon and lime.
  • Turmeric Sunshine – carrot, apple, orange, lemon, turmeric.
  • Luscious Greens – wheatgrass, broccoli, apple, lime.
  • Elevate – beets, carrots, apple, ginger, lemon.
  • Super Hero Berry – apple, strawberry, blueberry, beet, raspberry, carrot, lemon, lime.
  • Apple Ginger Jack – apple, ginger, parsley.

Our Juice is
made from

Organic Farms

Pulp Kitchen is dedicated to bring delicious, 100% organic juice to you and your family. In order to do this, we rely on our organic farmers to supply us with locally grown produce. See if you recognize our suppliers above and to the right.

  • Harlow Farm
  • Footebrook Farm
  • Dog River Farm
  • Village Cannery
  • Champlain Orchards
  • Ricker Hill Orchard
  • Dasilva foods
  • Red Fire Farm
  • Mario Farm


Black River Produce has been serving Vermont and surrounding areas for almost 40 years, and is know for delivering quality locally grown product. Pulp Kitchen is proud to have partnered with Black River Produce, as our distributor, and look forward to serving our delicious, 100% organic juices to you in as many retail stores as we can. If you don’t see us in your local store, please ask them to call us and place an order of your favorite profile.

Black River Produce Owners
Black River Produce Warehouse

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